Private lending, loan purchases and real estate holdings since 1990​

Corporate Office

1236 Par View Drive

Sanibel, Fl 33957

brief summary of typical loan terms:

Massachusetts office

4 Courthouse Lane, Suite 16

Chelmsford, MA 01824

Telephone: 978-934-9000

Mobile: 781-771-8519

Loan Size

$100,000 (minimum) to $3,000,000

Loan Term

6 to12 months (longer terms can be accommodated through extensions)


Interest only, sometimes we will accrue points and/or interest payments until the note is due in full

Interest Rates

Between 12 -16% (rates vary on type of transaction)

Loan to Value

Up to 75 %. Higher LTV’s may require additional collateral be pledged

Origination Fee (aka Points)

 2-4% of the total loan amount

Prepayment Penalty


Commitment Deposit

A Commitment/Origination Fee Deposit will be required by the Borrower upon issuance of the commitment letter to cover Lender's up front due diligence fees and costs. This is not an additional fee and will be applied to the Borrower's closing and costs.

Due Diligence

Inspection/appraisal, internal review, title report - satisfactory in all respects to the Lender

Mortgage Position

First on primary collateral and possibly secondary on additional collateral

Broker Fees

When applicable a broker fee in an amount agreed upon by the borrower and broker (or other third party intermediary) shall be collected and paid at closing (typically 1-3%)


A closing will take place within approximately 7 days after the due diligence is completed